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Employee Verify (eVerify) is a software service offered by JamBuster, an award winning software product and services company.

Employee recruitment requires verification as some candidates fudge educational and employment history. Current manual verification is slow and prone to mischief.  At eVerify, we believe the solution for this verification challenge is the Digital Verification @The Source. We call it "eVerify@Source".


eVerify is therefore providing resources and services to bring transparency, accuracy and precision, with digital speed to verification services!


At present, we offer following service:

HR Consultants

For on-line employment verification of ex-JamBuster employees, follow these steps:

1. Establish a login.

2. Register As A Consultant.

3. Request employment eVerify.

4. Pay the eVerify Fees.

5. Get verification report in 48 hr.

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