What is Empployee Profile?

Student Profile is a single identity account for a student, who may:

  • attend different schools, 

  • take different classes or courses,

  • take part in races or competitions,

  • do an corporate internship, or

  • volunteer for a cause.

We are working with schools, companies, competition organizers, and competitive examination boards to get their data of these activities into your profile. This means all of your data is verified-at-source and all available in one place. With a click, you can share it with anyone, an international university or a local employer.

Why Students Should Ask Their Schools To Add Your Student Profile Account’s?

Verification of records is a challenge as few people falsifying their records. Thus, it is now a necessary part of the admission and employment process. Student Profile is our way of turning this verification challenge into an advantage for you!

  • Student Profile provides an on-line, e-verified@source, integrated profile that combines all your activities. 

  • Many foreign universities and local employers look for such educational verification.

  • School is a natural place to start the Student Profile, given the verification it does for students and it’s verification is accepted by government agencies. So, we waive your verification burden, if your school opens accounts for you.


The Student Profile account will later become the Employee Account!


Employees can have a complete profile with college certificates, extra-curricular activities and employment history.

Request official documents and verification from Indian schools,

colleges & universities.

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